A short poem I wrote out tonight. Enjoy!


Oh, this state of Nevermore!

Whose barren lands I do deplore,

Explored in a time now long forgot,

It takes for granted that for which we have fought.

Broken and bought are the fat cats these days,

Who pay their way through the political fray.

“End the madness!” Poverty implores.


Blood spills in the Theater of War!

The show must go on! Encore! Encore!

Gunfire,screams, a child with no home;

All the same for the unthinking drone.

Technology continues to weaves its web,

Yet they steal the Spider’s venom instead.

“‘Tis for freedom,” they assure.


Curse this state of Nevermore!

‘Tis peace and love we must restore!

Bring our sons and daughters back,

With words and votes a swift attack.

Remove the veil of ignorance,

Put in place by hateful politics.

Bring forth change to the core,

Of this sickened state of Nevermore.


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